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Vserv to venture in Singapore to cover the South East Asian Region
Vserv to venture in Singapore to cover the South East Asian Region
By: iMedia News Bureau

A tremendous rise in mobile Internet is leading to a noticeable increase in activities amongst brand advertisers, particularly in the sectors of automobile, financial services and consumer health. Emerging markets are soon becoming the focus areas for most of the mobile advertisers and as a result various mobile ad networks are  eyeing the developing nations.

To have a better foothold in Emerging markets, mobile ad network, Vserv is all set to establish an office in Singapore next month, reports ET this morning. This move will surely help the two year old start up to have an expanded reach in South East Asia.

Versv is a Mumbai based agency and a close challenger to InMobi, which also made a similar move last year. Versv provides comprehensive solutions to maximize the income opportunities and monetize mobile traffic with some of the best advertisers.

The global mobile marketing industry is expected to grow to $24 billion by 2013, and with over 300 million mobile subscribers, it is no surprise that the mobile advertising space is sparkling with enthusiasm. A study conducted by Nokia in partnership with TNS India shows increasing patterns of the use of mobile Internet.

The $2bn mobile advertising industry (which is currently just a fraction of the size of the online advertising market) will witness dramatic changes in the years to come. The two significant events which will transform the industry are: the rise of Google's Android platform to a position of dominance; and the emergence of Asia as a key market.

The above figures present a clear estimation that the mobile ad industry is going to surge and so are the agencies which provide best fit solutions to marketers of all verticals and emerging markets are the new leaders when it comes to the growth in new media.