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Data Shows the Rising and Shooting Stars of Internet
Data Shows the Rising and Shooting Stars of Internet
By: iMedia News Bureau

Data from the sharing platform AddThis tells those entrusted with web brand promotion, should look out for in 2012

Where is the internet going? Which internet brands are hot and which are not? Often, we roughly know the answer to these questions. Yet, sometimes, it is important to have exact numbers to that ‘guesstimate’. This helps those, handling corporate money for brand building and also help decide upon their vehicles wisely. Data analytics from the sharing platform AddThis tells exactly this. 

Here are some numbers from their infographic of the trends of 2011:

  • Of all the sharing on the web, Facebook constitutes 52.1%
  • Twitter sharing comprises 13.5% of the sharing universe, growing 576.9% this year
  • Sharing via Tumblr grew 1299.5% and is in rapid acceleration
  • Address Bar Sharing creates 1600% viral lift

These numbers were analyzed by AddThis. Owned by Clearspring, the network is huge because it is used by more than 11 million sites, thus adding up to aggregate sharing data from over 1.2 billion users. This thus gives them a clear view of where the crowd on the net is headed and from this, where one can go in the future.

The study and the infographic generated from it, goes further to state that:

  • Google +1 has grown 373% but has plateaued while StumbleUpon has created a 329% viral lift.
  • Email is still in currency, since Email, Print and Favourites have this year made up for 14.4% of the sharing.
  • There’s bad news for Digg and MySpace as their share of sharing continue to decline by 47.7% and 56.9% respectively.

There are good and bad news on other fronts as well. In the browser war, while Internet Explorer continues to fall, Google Chrome grew and surpassed Firefox in November, 2011 to become the second most popular browser.

If one compares devices when it comes to sharing, sharing via mobile devices grew 6x this year with iPad sharing that grew 597.6%, surpassing iPhone in June.

Facebook, as expected emerged huge sending signals that if you are a brand manager, and if your brand is not on Facebook, you better remedy that situation right now. Google, on the other hand, has had a mixed bag year between Google + and Chrome with the former not matching up to the growth of the latter. There’s enough hint here for the brands-man to make his decision about Google +.

It's not so surprising data for those who know, but surprising to those who don’t, is the phenomenal rise of Tumblr. The microblogging site has been going steady since 2007, but innovations in the last two years have seen them growing exponentially. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the time.

The data above, in a nutshell, puts the entire web trends into perspective and is crucial for advertisers and brand and marketing managers who are looking to leverage the web for the benefit of their brands.