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Atul Satija of InMobi on Challenges in the Mobile Landscape of India
Atul Satija of InMobi on Challenges in the Mobile Landscape of India
By: Namita Ved

Atul Satija, VP & MD, APAC at InMobi was one of the presenters under the Snapshot category – a quick 25 minute presentation which gives industry insights on the Indian digital scenario. iMedia Brand Summit, Goa had a congregation of speakers who educated marketers on the scope of digital media in the future. Atul spoke about the challenges in the mobile space in the coming 12 months & the scope India has to grow in the next two years. Coming from a company which categorizes itself as a Startup but has created waves with its growth numbers, expansion strategy and funding, his presentation was certainly one of the most awaited ones by the audience.

He highlighted four main pain points in the Mobile Ecosystem which are hindering the economy’s direction currently – Connectivity, Devices, Content & the app ecosystem, and the Payment Infrastructure. He touched base on all these points in detail explaining where India would be headed in the next 3 years. 

Here are a few statements which I felt were worth noting:

  • As per an AC Nielsen Study conducted on all the parameters a user checks before buying a mobile handset, India is the most price sensitive device market globally – Indians pay 40% more weightage to the price of the handset as compared to markets.

  • In a market that is so price sensitive, more than half the devices are above Rs 5k. Resulting into India having lower smartphone penetration than even Sub Saharan & Africa!

  • Almost 58% of the cumulative mobile internet traffic in India comes only from Nokia followed by Samsung with 27%.

  • Mobile Internet will overtake Desktop Internet within the next 12 months in terms of the number of users & 24months in terms of usage.

  • India will be among the top 3 Android & iOs markets globally within the next 24 months.      

Watch his presentation as he gives away a detailed overview of what’s in store for Mobile players in India in the near future!