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4 Things We Will be Sure of In 2012
4 Things We Will be Sure of In 2012
By: Bikram K Singh

We are in 2012 and like everyone, I stopped for a while and turned back to see what I am carrying with me to the New Year. My interest was not in finding what I was carrying, but about finding what we all will be carrying through this year.

When I looked back from the vantage point of today, I found that a lot many things have changed in 2011 – some for good, while others for “not so good” reasons. This is not the time to talk about the negatives, as we have just started out the New Year, so instead, I will be giving you assurance about certain things that you can be sure of in 2012.

Email = Gmail

While trying a brand new funky tool in my Gmail, I came to realize the robustness Gmail has beneath its gentle-looking, minimalistic interface. I get this feeling every time I install a funky little tool in Gmail. Hotmail, indeed, was the first web-based mailing client, but Gmail was the game changer. Gmail has become the default email provider for millions and millions of people. Every day, lot many people are opening their Gmail accounts. It is, by far, the biggest email services provider in the world. It has forced giants like Yahoo and Hotmail to change their mail clients. Gmail was the first mail client to provide 1GB free space, before that the email space was counted in MBs. In 2012, you can be sure that your favorite Gmail will remain to be the default email client.

Search = Google

When two young Stanford researchers, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, offered to sell its search algorithm to then search-giants Yahoo and Excite, both companies didn’t see much future in it. And we all know rest of the story. with its clean design was the game changer. It, officially, started the minimalism revolution on the Internet. A lot has changed since September 15, 1997, when was registered for the first time, but Google is still our preferred search engine, and it will continue to be so in 2012 as well.

Social networking = Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are to social networking what Google is to search and Gmail is to email. Facebook, despite being a late entrant in the market, succeeded in dethroning “spamed till nose” MySpace to win the thrown of number one social networking website. Google came with its Google+, but failed to rock the Facebook’s boat.

Twitter was the game changer. It showed speaking too much is not needed, 140 characters are just enough. Twitter has transformed the world, one character at a time. Google tried to replicate the success of twitter through Google Buzz, but we all know the story of Google Buzz failure. In 2012, expect nothing to change – Facebook and Twitter will be the leading social networking giants.

Mobile Nokia

For years now, Nokia was synonymous to mobile phones. The company has grown too big for competitors to challenge, but things started to fall apart when Apple came with its iPhone followed by several sleek blackberry and all-powerful android devices. Now, people are not interested in Symbian-powered Nokia mobile phones. They have moved on. In 2012, Nokia will no longer be synonymous to mobile phones. It is on the end of its rope, which has been burning from both ends, for quite some time.

In the technology world, there are lot many other things which will remain same in 2012. But then there are some which must give way to a rising star. Let’s keep our eyes open for the rising stars.