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Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo Exits
Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo Exits
By: iMedia News Bureau

Jerry Yang
, co-created the Yahoo Internet navigational guide in 1994 along with David Filo and a year later in 1995, they co-founded Yahoo Inc. Yang served as a member of the Board of directors since March 1995 and was the CEO of Yahoo Inc. from June 2007 to January 2009. It was in 1996 that the duo took the company public with the then CEO Timothy Koogle.

Yang has been instrumental in building Yahoo into the world’s most highly trafficked and prolific website and also in making it into one of the world’s most recognized brands.
He has continuously focused on strategic business alliances and international joint ventures, the company’s technology, corporate strategy and acquiring new hands for the brand. His brief tenure as the Chief Executive Officer at Yahoo had him spurn a takeover offer from Microsoft worth$ 47.5 billion. And ironically since that bid in 2008, the company’s stocks have been tumbling as it struggles to contribute innovations and keeping in pace with the likes of Google Inc. and Facebook. The dotcom’s current worth is priced at $19.1 billion. Today, Yang has resigned from the Boards of Yahoo and the Alibaba Group, which is one of China’s biggest internet companies. He still serves as a board member of Cisco Systems and is a trustee of his alma mater, Stanford University.

Yahoo Inc. had recently appointed
Scott Thompson as the new CEO a couple of days back and now they are in the limelight once again. The company however has not clearly revealed the reasons for Yang’s departure but the word around says that the board is facing several issues and is possibly looking at selling its Asian assets. The way things have been in the process for Yahoo Inc., there are many possibilities of a takeover by various media and internet giants. There are some who think that Yahoo will definitely bounce back and gain its position soon. Well, time will tell us the fate of Yahoo Inc. in the coming years.