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E-Commerce and Classified Websites with mainstream TVCs - OLX's 'Bech De' Campaign
E-Commerce and Classified Websites with mainstream TVCs - OLX's 'Bech De' Campaign
By: iMedia News Bureau

E-Commerce has a shown a tremendous growth over the last few years in India and the escalation graph is going further up. For a country like India which has a huge population to generate demand for any kind of service, all the ecommerce websites had a task initially to reach out to people with a rigid mindset yet experimenting demography and we all have to agree that they have succeeded to a great extent. 

Suddenly in the last year, a flurry of E-Commerce websites mushroomed up with claims of being better than the existing other and one major trend that came into picture was the usage of Traditional media to publicize this new media’s retail replicas.

This model of convergence is common in U.S., where E-Commerce companies like Amazon, E*Trade, Google have been aggressive on TV, all the Indian E-Commerce companies also seemed  to follow suite with etailers like Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, BigRock, and many more jumping on prime time television to build their brand names, with creative advertisements.

Amalgamation to use mainstream marketing by online E-Commerce portals & classifieds came into great consideration with super witty’s TV ad campaign last year which went on to tickle the funny bone of almost everybody and the year ended with the yamdoot of who encouraged the fact that you get life only once and in turn pushed large quantity of people to logon to the website and avail the discounts on numerous nearby deals., a globally acclaimed classified website which came into India in 2006 had aired its first set of commercials in June 2011and it worked phenomenally well in driving traffic to the site as well in making OLX a household name in India. Encouraged by the campaign’s response in India, OLX ran the same TV ads in Pakistan as well. And the same creative idea was reproduced in Portugal to emulate the success story here. 

To start off this year with equal fervor, has released new TV commercials to take its ‘Bech de’ campaign further. It is back on national TV with ‘Grandfather’ and ‘Baby Cot’. The Free Online Classified site and its advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, decided to ride the idea of “everything sells for a price”.

The new TV commercials carry the distinct humor, intrinsic to the DNA of the campaign. So where the first one began from younger brother convincing the elder one to sell his old bike, and second one got the two together to get their dad to sell off his desktop, the third one builds on this natural progression. Now the two brothers and the father get their grandfather to part with his cherished old car.

Amarjit Batra, Country Head of OLX India is excited about the new commercials. He says, “Our core value proposition of ‘Individuals using OLX to sell personal goods that they don’t need or use’ comes out beautifully from these new TV ads. The use of same cast in all the films implies the huge need among every Indian Family to solve their daily problems of buying, selling products and services locally. With OLX they simply have to tell their friends and relatives to ‘BechDe’ “

Olx entered the Indian market with   a view to provide a marketplace for second hand is present in all key cities in India and includes the Tier I, Tier II and Tier III cities.

With a majority share of the revenues coming in from advertising over Internet, is it a smart move for the ecommerce companies to advertise on television? For any ecommerce company, it is the product which matters and word of mouth publicity is the best way to target the customers, rather than going the FMCG way. Though online video ads have a 65 percent of recall rate as compared to 46 percent offered by those on TV, there are several E-Commerce startups which have chosen to be in the limelight through the traditional way.

The only inference we can draw is that, the real proof of insurgence of E-Commerce in India is that if they are ready to pay the high priced advertising amounts for publicity, think about the monies they would be making?