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2011 - The Year When History of Tablets Was Re-written
2011 - The Year When History of Tablets Was Re-written
By: Bikram K Singh

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
-- Commandment 3, Exodus 20:1-17

This was one of The Ten Commandments inscribed on two stone tablets that God Gave to Moses in Mount Sinai, which led to the forming of three religions. Thousands of years hence, a modern tech genius launched a new religion by introducing iPad – a tablet made of plastic, glass, and chrome.

Since then the world has been a different place, and everyone started craving to have one, and every small or big companies started carving one for each person alive on the face of the planet. The race that began in 2010 saw many new participants joining in with their tablets filled with all kinds of features. This made 2011, a year of tablets.

Big giants of personal computer and mobile worlds jumped into the race seeing the immediate and immense success of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inches one), which Late Steve Jobs erroneously declared DOA (Dead on Arrival).

In 2011, companies like Motorola, Research In Motion (Blackberry), Toshiba, HP, HTC, Asus, Barnes & Nobel, Samsung, Apple, and Amazon launched their tablets. When the world was coming to terms with Apple’s 10-inch device, iPad, and Samsung’s 7-inch device Galaxy Tab, the competition kicked in.

Apple and Samsung launched second product in the category. Samsung with its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab, and Apple with iPad 2 supercharged the market. Taking on its “new found” rival, Apple, Amazon, came up with its own tablet – Amazon Kindle Fire. The most talked about aspect of this tablet was its price point.

Industry experts had pronounced doom for Kindle Fire, but the holiday season proved them wrong. In the Holiday Season, Amazon Sold more than 1 million Kindle Fire per week. It was also a most-wished for and most gifted item on Amazon.

Apart from the obvious success of iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab, there was one more tablet that attracted a lot of visitors, and it was HTC Flyer. HTC fans deemed it as “the best Android tablet”. Barnes & Nobel’s Nook was also a success among people who were willing to do compromises on the functionality and who needed tablet just to read books, magazines, and surf net. Video was not very great on this. Rest of the tablets didn’t do so much to cause a ripple in the industry.

Apple led the new religion

The seed of new religion was sowed in 2010 when Apple launched its iPad. Before 2011, industry experts were divided in their opinion – those who believed in Steve Jobs’ magic were excited about it, and those who knew about the failed history of Tablet PC were skeptical about it. Having a prior bad experience of using a tablet PC, which costed me two times as much as it cost to buy an iPad, I too was skeptical of its success – particularly of 10.1-inch one.

But proving every skeptic wrong, Apple rewrote the history, and with its iPad 2, it made its product more glorious.

Will Apple Fans break their first tablet (iPad) for the new one, as did Moses in fury? This is a funny question worth exploring.

"Carve two tablets of stone like the first, and I will inscribe upon the tablets the words that were on the first tablets"

-- God to Moses, Exodus 34:1