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Are Your Mail Subscribers Leaving You? How to Stop Them
Are Your Mail Subscribers Leaving You? How to Stop Them
By: Bikram K Singh

Sub: Unsubscribed…Sub: Unsubscribed…Sub: Unsubscribed… and Sub: Unsubscribed….

If these are the subject lines of first few mail alerts that you have received in your email marketing software then there is something wrong with the way you carry your email marketing campaigns forward, and it needs to be reviewed now.

An email marketer knows that depreciation in a mailing list by certain percentage over the period time is nothing but normal, but this causes concern when the rate of people leaving your mailing list goes beyond the acceptable level. If you are experiencing a sudden increase in email unsubscribes then you should find the leaking hole and plug it, so that you do not keep on losing hard-earned subscribers everyday.

3 ways to stop people to leaving your mailing list

Segment your list

If you have been sending the same mail to all your customers then you should rethink your email marketing strategy. You should include email list segmentation in the mix. To begin with, you may segment your mailing list based on the nature of your relationship and transaction with your company. Further down the line, you can employ other segmentation techniques as well. The idea is to make a segment of email subscribers which is homogenous within. This will help you properly target each segment.

You can use Google Docs Spreadsheet to list down various segments. This will help you bring other team members on board without any difficulty. I asked you to use Google Docs because it is easy to share document using Google Docs than it is to share using MS Excel.

Target with custom content

The reason why I asked you to create different segments of email users based on their interaction (or any other criteria) was to help you draft better content for each segment. The lack of relevant content has found to be one the most common causes behind people unsubscribing from the mailing list or hitting spam.

In the Google Docs that you have created, you should enter the nature of content you would share to each segment of the users.

Customize email delivery frequency

If there are people who want to get daily updates from you then there are the ones who would not like hear from you more than once a week then there are people who love to get 2-3 mails a week from you. If you do not give an option to your users to choose from email delivery frequency then you are risking significant fallout.It is often better to give your subscribers to adjust the frequency of the emails they receive. This will significantly lower the un-subscription rate.

In the Google Docs, you should make a column and mark it “Delivery Frequency”. This column will hold the email frequency for different segments.

Apply these tips in your email marketing campaign and share your success stories using the comment box below.