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An App a day will give you a job some day!
An App a day will give you a job some day!
By: iMedia News Bureau

Could the app economy solve the problem of unemployment? Are you looking for a promising career in lousy economy? The answer is yes. According to a new study sponsored by TechNet, a bipartisan organization of top technology executives, found that the "App Economy" employs nearly half a million people in the United States. The explosion of software applications for smartphones, tablet computers and Facebook has created 466,000 jobs since 2007.

This total includes jobs at ‘pure’ app firms such as Zynga, a San Francisco-based maker of Facebook game apps that went public in December 2011. App Economy employment also includes app-related jobs at large companies such as Electronic Arts, Amazon, and AT&T, as well as app ‘infrastructure’ jobs at core firms such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. Big companies are also devoting more and more resources to apps, and as apps help companies grow, it fuels the need for more jobs in human resources, sales, marketing and other non-technical positions. There’s also an emerging app development services economy growing out of the app boom.

The report says, the meteoric rise of smartphones, tablets, and social media sites — and the skyrocketing number of apps available for these platforms — are "perhaps the biggest economic and technological phenomenon today. And it’s likely to keep growing as wireless and social platforms expand.

Apps represent jobs for programmers, user interface designers, marketers, managers, and support staff. In the so-called app economy, there are core companies, such as Apple, Google who through their mobile phones provides virtually seamless day-long access. A recent research report (‘India Online Landscape 2011', published by JuxtConsult) points out that over four out of five Indian Internet users “shop” online — either search or buy online — translating into a 50-million-strong online consumer base and Facebook that maintain a platform on which apps can run an app marketplace. These firms employ individuals in app "infrastructure" roles.

Today consumers are increasingly favouring apps over a browser in part because it’s a pretty streamlined experience that is dedicated to one purpose. There is still a lot of interest in native apps that are built atop popular platforms. And that means this is where to find a lot of new jobs.

TechNet Chief Executive Rey Ramsey is optimistic that apps jobs will be widely dispersed across the country because it's a specialty that doesn't require big factories, proximity to railroads and highways or even other technology hubs. All that is really required is a good idea and online access.

Meanwhile, India, one of the biggest potential markets have over 40 million users browsing the Internet.To these exciting statistics, add the millions of Indian fans on Facebook and such sites, who are online for nearly 45 minutes each day. Then, add the thousands of mobile smartphoneapps” which permit brands and retailers to reach out to increasingly large numbers of Indian consumers who own high-end handsets, in multiple, impactful ways. Thus, considering the numbers, App economy might be benefiting mostly overseas. But, soon we can anticipate a revolution in Indian markets.