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New Age Campaigns – Mode Digital
New Age Campaigns – Mode Digital
By: iMedia News Bureau

"Digital is a different world because you are sitting at home and a hi-tech piece of equipment today is within reach of most people, so they are watching a pretty hi-tech version of whatever you've done." - Ridley Scott

A simple macromolecule like RNA or DNA can alter the complete course of life form. In a similar way, the same DNA that disrupted the telecom industry is well on its way to totally revolutionizing the way the TV, film, and broadcast industry is going to be. Earlier what were television commercials are now creative and visually appealing viral while the jingles on a transistor or a radio piece are now amplified, twisted and served as catchy and artistic tunes. What were earlier print ads and hoardings have now become banner ads and electronic direct e-mailers. Now that's transformation at its peak which is breeding at a brisk pace. Digitization had made its way in the creative juices of the advertising brains ages ago but it is only now that they have explored and exploited its titanic potential. Digital campaign is the new mantra of the new age modern world which wants everything on its finger clicks.

Every brand that was once highly dependent on television, print and outdoor media has taken and is still taking vital steps to establish its own unique digital presence. Their prime focus is now not just on marketing but on branding and even further generating an interaction with their users or potential customers. This way brands are helping themselves getting exquisite insights of customer needs, behavior patterns and demographics. The methodologies and tools used to extract the attention of the user forms the crux of a digital campaign. Video viral, social media and blogging are the biggest vehicles for a brand to gain mileage in the digital forum while the others being banner and contextual advertising, webinars, podcasts and so on.

A query juggling in those business minds would be as to what is so special about these provisions and how can they help me in generating a brand awareness and gain brand loyalty! Well, here are a few statistics to satisfy your gray matter. According to a report from Internet World Stats, Facebook is one of the most sought after social networking websites with a massive strength of more than 600 million users while Twitter has generated 175 million unique users across the world. In India alone, there are more than 30 million Facebook and more than 4 million Twitter users. These records are extremely vital to understand the target group and positioning of the brand. For instance, renowned brand Starbucks has more than 19 million fans on Facebook and the digit is escalating with every passing day. Similarly many well known brands like MTV India, Nike, etc. and Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan and Abhishek Bachchan have their fan pages on social networking sites to make the consumer or the user aware of their brand presence and easy availability. Portals like Flickr, Hi5, Friendster, Orkut, etc. are acting as a helping hand to the winning combination of Facebook and Twitter.

Video viral and video blog is now dominating the world of general entertainment content as well a user generated content to be shared and seen by millions across the globe. Online video has also proved popular with the success of Google's Youtube being well documented. In 2011, Youtube continued to dictate in terms of the numbers with a staggering 490 million unique visitors per month. Ranked as the third most popular website by Alexa rankings, it also proposed a lot of new business models that explore better ways to generate revenue. According to a report by ComScore Inc., seven out of ten Indian web users watch online videos and that is where banner ads and online ads come into picture on video viral. Attention is turning towards Hulu in particular, as it demonstrates that users will watch longer-form televised and video content and tolerate advertising“ under the right conditions. It is also touted to be the next big thing after Youtube. These video portals provide web syndication services for various other websites thus making it simpler to connect and contribute on different sites.

Sharing personal experiences, pictures and good creative work has become a part of everyone's daily life. Internet blokes pen down their details on the net so that they can showcase their talent and have their work appreciated. This is where blogs and micro-sites come into picture when brands want their user to connect and interact with them and get a step closer. Blogger, Wordpress, Blogspot are a few names which have been going down well with the readers and bloggers. Here a brand can create a fictional blog as a marketing tool to promote its products. Blogs commonly feature advertisements either to financially benefit the blogger or as a promotion gimmick. Today top celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Lisa Ray, Aamir Khan, etc. not only interact with their fans through blogs but also update users about their daily life thus generating even more curiosity.

While these tools are the majorly used in a digital campaign, there are also banner ads and online advertising, podcasts that can be downloaded through web syndication and direct e-mailers to customers or businesses, etc. However digital media cannot be classified for a short term goal because it requires modernization and innovation in and of the matter used. The arithmetic stays uncomplicated which is, if you want your brand to be in the limelight and have an extensive reach, go digital.