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iMedia Brand Summit: Standardization of Metrics & Measurement
iMedia Brand Summit: Standardization of Metrics & Measurement
By: Namita Ved

One of the panel discussions at iMedia Brand Summit Goa comprised of the most important topic – Standardization of Metrics & Measurement. Marketers were keen to know the measurability factor in digital as the new medium but also made crystal clear points with respect to not agonizing about a standard way to measure the platform. This panel was moderated by MakeMyTrip’s CMO – Mohit Gupta along with other key panelists like Karthi Marshan (EVP & Head – Group Marketing, Kotak Mahindra Bank), Marc Johnson (SVP – Global Strategy & Communications, Experian Hitwise), Kedar Gavane ( Director - comScore) & Nitin Mathur (Sr Director & Head of Marketing, Yahoo! ).

The idea was to bring forth opinions from varied verticals that played eminent roles in deciding the measurement story – a brand, a publisher, and a metric company. Watch this entire video to know interesting perspectives of what multiple brands had to say about metrics & how does the industry need to change their mindset towards Digital GRP.