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Microsoft India's online store hacked-Login Id and passwords stolen
Microsoft India's online store hacked-Login Id and passwords stolen
By: iMedia News Bureau

Evil Shadow Team, a Chinese group of hackers have allegedly stolen the database of Microsoft’s online store in India. The hackers have also leaked Microsoft Store India member’s usernames and passwords, which were surprisingly stored in mere plain text. Shortly after the website was compromised, the site was taken offline, indicating that Microsoft had seized control of their online store once more.

The Microsoft Store India ( website showed an error message promising to restore access as quickly as possible. The hackers obscured the full usernames and passwords in the screen shots posted on a blog run by Evil Shadow Team member 7z1 ( Writing in Mandarin, 7z1 describes himself as a "patriotic hacker."

Operated by local company Quasar Media, the Indian edition of Microsoft Store India is currently unavailable. The website reports that when the online store was hacked, the site had the picture of the Guy Fawkes mask. This picture is usually associated with hacker group, Anonymous who are known for their high profile hacks on major corporations and government organizations the world over.

The fact that the passwords were stored in plain text for everyone to see is sheer negligence on the part of the developers of the website, as during unfortunate times like these, when crucial details on a website get leaked, it doesn't take a lot of time and effort for the information to fall in wrong hands.

Microsoft India has sent out precautionary e-mails to members immediately after the attack. The company reassured users that credit card details and payment information databases were not affected, however, other data may have been exposed, such as order details, and shipping addresses, apart from usernames, e-mail addresses, and passwords.

Prior to the recent Microsoft hacking, Sony Playstation was hacked which was the highlight of 2011. Hence, companies should take extra precautionary measures to avoid such incidents henceforth.