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Pinterest: Will Pinning Be As Addictive as Tweeting and Liking Is?
Pinterest: Will Pinning Be As Addictive as Tweeting and Liking Is?
By: Bikram K Singh

When things appear to be settled down, all the debates come closing to a conclusive end, and winner is almost decided, an underdog comes on the surface and challenges the status quo and make its mark felt.

This has happened in the past. Google has done it. Facebook has achieved it. Twitter has jolted the status quo. Now the question is: will Pinterest be able to rock the boat?

When I first heard about Pinterest, I didn’t take it seriously; well I didn’t take Facebook and Twitter seriously as well, when I first heard about them. And like the latter two social networking websites, Pinterest also succeeded in pulling me towards it.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you pin the things you find anywhere on the web, organize it in different pin boards, share it, like it, re-pin it, and comment on others’ pins. As the website says, pin boards created there can be used to “plan weddings, decorate homes, and share favorite recipes. And like other social networks, your friends, fans, and followers can like your pins, re-pin them, and even comment on them.”

The social networking website was plodding across the rough terrain of social media silently, for around 3 years, until it reached its tipping point last year, when it secured $37 million in VC funding, and a place in “Time’s 50 best Websites of 2011”.

This surely looks like a winner. A good number of copycats have started to create their version of Pinterest – does it remind you of how Twitter and GroupOn were cloned many times.The most notable clone of Pinterest is Gentlemint, which, by its own admission, “is a mint of manly things”.

In total, seven worthy clone of Pinterest has been identified. Several analysts include MingleWing as a clone of the former, but it is remarkably different from Pinterest. (For more read: Is MingleWing part of your social media strategy).

According a traffic report released by Shareaholic, Pinterest drives more traffic to a website than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. In the blog post on Shareaholic Referral Traffic Report, Janet Aronica wrote that this number is “based on aggregated data from more than 200,000 publishers that reach more than 260 million unique monthly visitors each month.”

Although Pinterest has not released any official traffic and referral data, traffic report from Shareaholic is credible enough to take this new social networking website seriously.

Pinterest is also positively affecting the web design industry. Mashable has identified several websites whose designs have been unashamedly influenced by Pinterest.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is all set to change the way we think out the Internet and how we use it.

Re you ready to Pin It?

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