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How to Make Subscribers Open Your Email and Actually Read It
How to Make Subscribers Open Your Email and Actually Read It
By: Bikram K Singh

A low open-rate of emails has always been a cause of concern for email marketers. A good many of them have learned to live with the fact that no matter what they will try, the open rate will not go up. But there are marketers who constantly strive to increase the open-rate of the mails that they send. If you belong to this group then read it to the end, you will find some ideas that will improve the open-rate of your emails, and make the receivers actually read the mails.

4 ways to boost the open rate of your email

Compelling benefit-oriented subject line

The first thing your subscribers see is the subject line of your email, and if you have not optimized it properly, you are going to miss the boat. It is important to craft a subject line that is powerful and which talks about the benefit your email has to offer.

Add Urgency to the subject line

Your email hardly gets a couple of seconds, so it is always a good idea to use that time wisely. The first thing you would like to do when dealing with busy customers is to stop them in their track and pull their attention towards you. Adding urgency to the subject line is one way to do so.

Begin your subject with a bracket, and add ending soon, or ending in 24 hours, or something like that in that bracket. This will break the mechanical movement of your subscribers and force them to stop and open the mail.

Make the opening paragraph powerful

Once someone clicks on your subject line, he should be warmly greeted by a powerful opening paragraph. The first paragraph of your mail should be so powerful that it should make the subscribers read the mail to the end.

Construct your mail in such a way that the first paragraph leads the users to the second and the second one to the third and so on and so forth until the last one.

Incentivize the action

Adding just strong call to action is not enough. You need to tell the subscribers what will be their benefit if they read the mail to the end and take the desired action. This will motivate the subscribers to read your mail to end.

Time taken to read a mail

It is also a good idea to tell your subscribers in the beginning itself about the approximate time it will take to read the mail to the end. People do not open and read many mails because they are scared that it will take a lifetime for them to read them.

Before salutations, you can just write in bold and inviting font that it will take only 3 minutes to read the mail, and you will witness an increase in the number of subscribers who will actually read your mails.

Try to include these email marketing tips in the next mail that you send out and see a boost in the open-rate of your email messages.