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Dhanush's Sachin Anthem gets record breaking hits on You Tube
Dhanush's Sachin Anthem gets record breaking hits on You Tube
By: iMedia News Bureau

After dripping the masses into a wave of his ‘Soup Song’, Dhanush, the hitmaker of ‘Kolaveri Di’ is back with a bang with an anthem for the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. The anthem which is an ode to the ‘Little Master’ by Boost and Dhanush has created a buzz among the masses.

Hosted on Youtube on February, 8, the anthem has received a record breaking 1 million hits in just 2 days, making it the fastest video to have reached a million views. The “Boost Sachin Anthem” video now boasts of a Gold Trending Medal from YouTube, with over 4 million views as on February 22, 2012.

Mindshare, a leading media services agency is the brainchild behind the anthem. The challenge for the agency was to create a buzz around the brand and noteworthy 23-year-long association with Sachin as brand Ambassador. Hence, it decided to honour the master blaster with this anthem.

A powerful piece of content was created by Mindshare followed by scripting and final production. Later, the agency worked hard to tactfully seed the content where people would make it viral. Search and social media experts at the media agency further went on to seed the content through contextual search and social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

“The strategy at Mindshare is very simply to try and turn our brands into currencies of popular culture. Cultural currencies that fuel consumer conversations are far more valuable in today’s wired world than passive opportunities to see. The Sachin anthem is a great example of this belief. The team spotted an existing cultural meme in Dhanush and then went on to leverage it via executional excellence across content production, brand integration and social seeding. The Boost case also highlights the necessity of ‘jugalbandis’ between strategy and content and digital technology teams to create meaningful brand-led cultural currencies,” said Alok Sinha, Leader Strategy – South Asia at Mindshare.

Commenting on the same, Jayant Singh, Marketing Director, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare said, “As a part of our marketing efforts on BOOST, this time around, we wanted to celebrate Sachin’s long standing “Stamina” association with the brand. A Sachin anthem, that people would resonate and rise with, was our instinctive choice. While we were certain that Dhanush’s popularity would help accelerate talk ability around BOOST, our partner agency Mindshare’s contribution, through a well thought out strategy and execution in making it a “first” on many accounts for GSK, has  successfully brought our intent to life”.