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Feed Google Fresh Content and Stay on Top
Feed Google Fresh Content and Stay on Top
By: Bikram K Singh

In November last year, Google released another algorithm update that was geared towards favoring fresh content over the stale ones. The update has dethroned many established website and given space to new websites in the top ten ranking. Google believes that if a user is searching for something, he may be more interested in getting fresh content related to it than the ones which is lying on the Internet for generations.

Freshness update has not affected all niches. Niches that didn’t get affected were the ones in which fresh content does not add value to the users’ experience, and where old content is as good as new. The new algorithm update makes it mandatory for a website to constantly add high-quality content, if it wants to get visitors from Google.

Freshness update may not look as scary as the Panda update, but if you look closely at the changes it produced, you will be surprised by the impact. So I will not advise you to take this update lightly. You should gather your resources and prepare a strategy to counter this new update. The following paragraphs will help you in that.

3 weapons to defeat Google Freshness update and stay on top

Create a calendar

For many years now, online marketing experts have been asking everyone else to create a publishing calendar and follow it, but not many people have taken such advices seriously. But this is no longer optional. Google has taken it out from the realm of choices into the domain of the must-do activities.

Prepare a publishing calendar and follow it to the end, and if you are running a business blog then plan to publish at least 3 times a week to make any impact in your market and to impress Google bots.

Set Google alert

To churn out fresh content for your industry, you will need to remain on the top of the news pertaining to your industry, and the best way to do it is to set Google alerts for important keywords related to your sector. You can also search for trending topic in your niche to see where your industry is heading. Keep a tab on twitter as well. It is an important destination of trending topics.

Race is on…winner will take all

Google is not going to consider your content fresh if you are not quick enough to publish it before everyone else does. Do not write on topic that has already been covered by 100s of website. Your content will not be picked by Google. With freshness update Google is giving the first mover advantage to websites that leads the news in the industry.

If you want to get high ranking in Google, you will need to be constantly on your heels. This time, laggards have not been invited to the party.