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Microsoft's pubCenter Advertising platform to expand in India
Microsoft's pubCenter Advertising platform to expand in India
By: iMedia News Bureau

After a grand launch of the Consumer preview of Windows 8, Microsoft is back in the limelight through pubCenter its advertising platform. pubCenter for app developers is now live in India. The ad service will enable Phone developers to earn revenue from in-app advertising. 

The software giant previously expanded pubCenter (from being restricted solely to the U.S.) to cover Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and the UK.The advertising service now also supports Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Mexico, Sweden, and Switzerland. The service integrates Microsoft Advertising Exchange which enables multiple ad networks to bid on the privilege to serve ads into the developers’ app. 

The Microsoft Advertising solution includes an ad control built right into the Windows Phone SDK (also available as a separate download); combined with pubCenter’s simple sign-up, reporting and automated payouts, we ensure a seamless experience. Once your app goes live in the marketplace and customers start to use it, you can watch your revenue grow.Developers start receiving advertising revenues after they have reached a minimum amount required for payout. For India, the amount is Rs 2500.

pubCenter’s web publishing platform is also currently in a pilot phase and intends to partner publishers who have 200 million monthly page views and 50 million monthly search queries.

Apart from Google AdMob, PubCenter competes with third party ad-networks like InMobi, VServ and NetworkPlay.