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Hungama's ArtistAloud gets a facelift
Hungama's ArtistAloud gets a facelift
By: iMedia News Bureau, Hungama Digital Media’s digital platform for artists which provides independent music has got a makeover. The digital company has revamped and subsequently re-launched its website, which offers access to more high-quality video content online. Users can now browse the home page that showcases multiple artists and multiple releases at the same time. They can also hear the full songs as compared to the previous 30 second samples.

ArtistAloud recently broadcasted a nine-hour long Music Day online webcert featuring 50 independent artists performing live including artists like Suneeta Rao, Manasi Scott, Shefali Alvares, Shilpa Rao, Harshdeep Kaur, Neha Bhasin and others.

The new website has introduced various innovative and attractive features like upcoming event calendar which will alert the audience about all music events in the citywith links to respective pages and videos.It also features an alphabetical search listing of music across artists, genres and languages, in addition to a widget showcasing the site’s top 10 songs, blogs and news stories and integration with social networks.

Besides being built using HTML5, php, Javascript and Ajax, ArtisitAloud can be accessed through 5 touch points which include website, WAP, IVR, APPS and Social Media. Considering the boom of smartphone usage in India, the digital company also plans to launch IVR and mobile apps for ArtistAloud in the upcoming months.