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Will Sending A Simple Postcard Work in The Digital Age
Will Sending A Simple Postcard Work in The Digital Age
By: Bikram K Singh

Marketers often try to find a way to cut through the clutter and get a share of customer’s mindscape, but the harder they try the more difficult it becomes for each one of them to break free, and a constant hunt for the ultimate tool continues.

The race to find yet another sleek tool has put a metaphorical blinder on marketers’ eyes, which puts some very useful, but old tools out of their sight. One such tool is a postcard, which has lost its charm in the digital age. This is an age-old and tested tool, but will it work in the today’s digital world? The short answer is yes it will, and after reading the article you will also think why I say it will.

Benefits of using postcards

Postcard is simple

In a world where everything is becoming so complex, simplicity is what attracts attention.Unlike envelope, which is typically used for direct marketing these days, a postcard does not need any action from recipients before they are exposed to the message.

A postcard is devoid of any layer, so it does not require any special action (like opening an envelope) before a recipient can view the message. This will increase the chances of message getting read.

It is cost effective

Another benefit of using postcard is the cost associated with it. Post card comes very cheap, so you can maximize the budget you have for direct marketing.

It’s a noble concept

Although postcard is a very old medium, it has gone out of use to get way to new innovative marketing tools. By resurrecting this old medium back to life, you will create a unique channel that will give your message top-of-mind recall provided you use it carefully.

Some examples of creative use of Postcard in marketing