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Brand Page on Twitter - Will It Work?
Brand Page on Twitter - Will It Work?
By: Bikram K Singh

After Facebook and Google, now Twitter has started offering a brand page for businesses. On the face of it, this looks like a pretty decent tool available for the marketers, but the question is do we really need this new tool?

This question is debatable and answer will also be equally debatable. There will be a whole lot of people on the either side of the rope trying to pull it in its own direction. In fact, the answer to the question is: what is your budget?

If your company can afford to devote resources to manage three separate brand pages, which has a lot of duplication in the number of fans, then you must get a brand page on Twitter as well, but if you want to consider ROI on the resource investment then you must ask if your company requires yet another brand page for your brands?

And if you do require then should you have the same content available on all the brand pages or should your company churn out different content for different brand pages? If you want to go with the former strategy then the investment will be minimal, but then return will also be comparable to investment only. And if you want to go with fresh content in all three brand pages, you need to ask if you have that kind of resources to dispense.

Fresh content on all three brand pages (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) will require a broader (and deeper) content strategy, and you also need to figure out the rate at which you will update all these pages because the frequency of engagement will depend upon the width and depth of your social media content repository.

What twitter brand page has to offer

Before you decide on using twitter brand page or not, you need to know what twitter has on offer. Apart from customizing your background, Twitter also offers a feature like pinned tweets, and customized banner for a business page. A mix of these two along with the older customizable elements can produce a very good result. An organization needs to be creative in maximizing the use of brand page. Have a look at the following brand pages on Twitter and get some idea for your business.

Example of Twitter Brand pages

We are just in the beginning of the second year of the second decade and we are experiencing social media’s anxiety to monetize its medium. Twitter is perhaps the newest to join the league, and one does not need to be genius to understand Twitter’s anxiety to pull marketers in the fold. But for Twitter the real challenge is how people use the medium. Unlike Facebook and Google Plus, maximum people do not visit Twitter’s website to tweet, retweet, or send direct message. They use one or another form of application. This would be a limiting factor for a brand page. Twitter needs to address this to be able to pull marketers.