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Friendsheet: When Facebook Married Pinterest
Friendsheet: When Facebook Married Pinterest
By: Bikram K Singh

Every time when dust on the horizon starts settling down and picture becomes clearer, one thing or other comes up and positively disrupt our view of the world. The Internet has done so, and Yahoo, Google, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter have also done so.

A cloud of dust is again spinning around and hovering above the head. We again are on the verge of, or perhaps we have already crossed the threshold, of experiencing something new in our external environment, which soon will affect our inner world as well, if it has not done so already.

I am talking about the world’s biggest pin board, Pinterest, which has been creating ripples in the social media industry for quite some time, and it has exerted a lasting influence on the web designing industry. And the latest to get a Pinterest touch is none other than Facebook.

From the time, Mark Zuckerberg has liked Friendsheet, the application that transforms the photos from your Facebook wall into a Pinterest-esquewall, has been gathering thousands of fans, some of them are from unassuming quarters.

Although I do not follow Zuck, the news of his affection for Friendsheet found its way to my eyes, and I have also tried the application on my Facebook wall. Saying that I was thoroughly amazed by the semblance of my Facebook wall with that of Pinterest wall will be nothing but an understatement. Scroll down to the following image and see for yourself what I mean.

For a fan of Pinterest, this is like a dream that has come true. Nothing would excite them more than having their Facebook wall converted into a Pinterest wall.

“The goal was to take Facebook photos, and turn it into a visual experience while maintaining speed, performance, and a great, intuitive experience,” wrote Friendsheet creator, Zachary Allia on Facebook.

Zchary Allia has also created a Friendsheet app for Google Chrome, which at the time of writing was being used by 1508 people. This is not a very impressive numbers, but seeing the popularity of Google Chrome (36.3% of the total web users), Facebook, and Pinterest, it is not hard to predict the bright future ofthe application.

As a parting thought, I would like to share with you an image that demonstrate how quickly Pinterest has touched 10-million users mark in the United States. The images tells us something.