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Apple Geared Up to Cho(m)p Google's Search Market Share
Apple Geared Up to Cho(m)p Google's Search Market Share
By: Bikram K Singh

In the last couple of articles, I had talked about how Amazon is digging into Apple’s pie and how Google is playing with Apple’s market share in the digital music space, which made it sound like Apple, the big and gentle giant, is getting bashed on the both ends – on one end by the search giant and on the other end by the ecommerce giant.

But the story will be half told and heard, if you do not read this article through, as it’s going to reveal something you didn’t hear before.

Apple has silently created a battleship, better and bigger than those shown in Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Franchise and sexier than Andromeda Ascendant, which is going to ram right into the forte of Google, which is search.

Around a month back, Financial Times, reported that Apple has acquired a small California-based startup Chomp, which is a mobile application search engines that allows users to search through hundreds of thousands of apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Apple paid around $50 million to the startup to acquire the mobile application search engine.

The search engine has a free search app each for Apple and Android devices, which help users find relevant apps from hundreds of thousands of apps available to download. A typical search result on Chomp looks like this:

How will it change the game

Mobile application is the market of the future, and look around, the future is on the door waving its right hand.

The fact that Apple iTunes store has experienced 25 billion downloads and Android has seen more than 1 billion download is enough to suggest how big the app search market is going to be.

Why Mobile Matters

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for web access and search. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to access web than they did ever before. In a study conducted by Google it was found that usage of mobile to access web is at par with the usage of computer for the same, and this is surely going to increase as more and more people are buying tablets and smartphones, which unlike PCs (desktops not laptops) are very personal device and every family has more than a couple.

So what will be search like

Google will still dominate search of general nature, but when it comes to app search the scene looks more in favor of Apple’s Chomp, as this is the only true mobile application search engine around. And app search should not be taken lightly because of the volume of download and proliferation of use, so much so that app availability is one of the key factors in the buying decision of a mobile device; be it a phone or a tablet.