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Think Smart (phone), Your Customers May Be Doing So
Think Smart (phone), Your Customers May Be Doing So
By: Bikram K Singh

It doesn’t need a genius to realize that penetration of computers is more than the penetration of smart phones in the world, but it will need some convincing to make you believe that smartphone has almost caught up with computers when it comes to accessing web.

In a study titled Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users, which was conducted by Google, it was found that increasingly more and more people are using their smart phones to access web.

Although India was not included in the study, it tells something about shifting focus of a common man. Not only that, the study also revealed the prominence of smartphone usage even when people are using other devices.

This finding reveals the fleeting attention span of average users in favor of smartphones. This data will help media buyers and marketing managers think more judiciously about spending huge advertising bucks on print, television, and radio commercials. The study also tried to gauge the smartphone users’ response to mobile ads, and to our surprise, it was found that smartphone uses pay more attention to the ads then rest of the people.

This result reinforces the importance of including mobile into the mix. This may be the opportunity to expose your marketing message to a customer who has reared a perceptual barrier against ads in the traditional media.

Is the study relevant for Indian market

The figures shown in the study may not be relevant for India, but the market sentiment it has demonstrated is definitely relevant for the Indian market because usage pattern of mobile phones in India is similar to the ones shown above, in fact, in India smartphones are used more than computers because of its low fixed cost (entry barriers).In a developing country like India, mobile phone is used more to access web than computers are used.

The availability of cheap smartphones and GPRS data plans in almost all parts of the country have made mobile Internet more accessible to people even in the far corners of poor states like Bihar.Seeing the penetration and engagement of mobile phones, it would be very risky for a business to leave it out of the media mix.

Download the “Our Mobile Planet: Global Smartphone Users” report by clicking the link.