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Amazon plans to launch cloud service India
Amazon plans to launch cloud service India
By: iMedia News Bureau

World’s largest online retailer, Amazon .com is all geared up to launch a cloud storage service in India. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has already been buying up infrastructure from Tata Communications- telecommunications largest network provider in its home markets.

The Silicon Valley gianthas already entered the Indian e-commerce market with Company's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) John Hayduk said that “competition from big cloud providers like Amazon and Rackspace in emerging markets is ‘not there yet,’ but is expected to ramp up over the next 12 months.”

“Some of those service providers like Amazon, they buy co-lo [co-location] and network from us, so we've seen purchases in our own facilities that are of the size. There's only one answer to what they're going to do with that space, he further added.

Tata Communications is currently one of the top two cloud players across India and Singapore, offering a combination of co-location, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), IT managed services and content delivery network.

Cloud adoption in these markets is not nearly as aggressive as in developed countries. However, Hayduk said that “five years down the line, service providers that do not have a compute and storage offering to sell alongside the network could be significantly disadvantaged, and that is why Tata has decided to invest in public cloud.”

Meanwhile, with regard to offering its cloud services in more developed markets, the company is taking a cautious approach. Currently, Amazon has data centres three data centres in the US, one in Dublin, Singapore and Tokyo and a recently opened location in Sao Paolo.  Although quite widespread, it still leaves many countries without immediate access, meaning many do not use the service due to regulations and data sensitivity.

Elaborating about emerging markets Hayduk said, "We're watching the demand grow across India and Asia, as we serve the needs of emerging companies wanting to go into a developed market, so we would expand based on that. We thought that we would have had to put pods in the UK and US by now, but so far there hasn't been a glaring need for that yet”.