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Google Extends Help To Indian Women Entrepreneur on the Web
Google Extends Help To Indian Women Entrepreneur on the Web
By: Bikram K Singh

When the whole world is going gaga over the smartphone usage, new tablets, mobile app revolution, and other important innovation in the technology world, Google has been silently, may be not so silently, and diligently working in educating women entrepreneurs of India about the web technology and its usage to grow their businesses.

Under this program, Indian women are taught how to build a cohesive online presence, collaborate and connect with customers, partners, employee, and other stakeholders, promote the company and product, and track and optimize the business for a better result. Quite a few women entrepreneurs have used this program to boost their businesses.

One such woman is Archana Doshi, Founder Archana Kitchen. She wanted to expand her reach, so she joined the program. Google has decided to help her out by teaching the steps needed to grow one’s business on the Internet.

A growing numbers of women are participating in the WeOW program and experiencing the power of the Internet. To share their success stories, Google has created a WeOW YouTube Channel.

Google’s Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WeOW)is currently being piloted in India, and as the name suggest the aim of this program is to help women owned business grow big using the Internet. India is the first country where Google is doing anything of this sort.

What the program covers?

The presentation on the WeOW’s homepage explains the things that will be taught to the participants, which looks quite comprehensive. The program does not cost anything and any woman entrepreneur can join the program.One does not need to have a website to become part of it, and even if one has a website, one can join this program, may be at different level. The program teaches the following:

  1. Build an online presence:Learn to create a website, a YouTube channel, and a business page on a social network like Google+
  2. Collaborate effectively: Learn to use tools like Gmail, Calendar and Docs to collaborate with employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.
  3. Connect with customers: learn to host Google+ Hangouts, create and distribute targeted offers and discounts
  4. Promote your organization:Learn to give online product demos, create viral videos on YouTube, and advertise through AdWords and AdSense
  5. Track and optimize your online presence: Learn to use tools like Google Analytics, Google Alerts, ripples on Google+, the +1 button, and Google webmaster tools to track and optimize the online presence.

 If you want to join the program then you can download the program overview from the WeOW website. The program overview is available in 6 different languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.