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'Desi' apps in 'Videshi' app world
'Desi' apps in 'Videshi' app world
By: iMedia News Bureau

Next time you get off a rickshaw, and you are not sure about the fare, instead of blindly believing the rickshawala you can simply take out your smartphone and use “Tuk Tuk 2”. Developed by Indian mobile application developer Mind Helix technologies, the app which is available for AndroidBada, Symbian and Blackberry phones for free, uses the GPS inside modern smartphones to calculate the distance you have travelled. Tuk Tuk 2 is one of the many such Indian apps that make us believe the figures that India is indeed the third fastest growing app market in the world.

Today, India is growing leaps and bound in smartphone and e-commerce market. Being one of the most potential market, India is also surging ahead in terms of app downloads. According to a report Indian appetite for apps was around 25 billion in 2011.  India is not only downloading the apps, but is also adding new and innovative Indian apps to the app market which currently is majorly dominated by our overseas counterparts.

Any smartphone user today downloads ubiquitous and necessary apps like Watsapp Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds and so on. Albeit, these apps have become an essential part for the smartphones, there are an array of brilliant apps and games that are innovated by Indian app makers.

The developer community in India is very current with technology and there is enough energy and capability for the Indian developers to come out with innovative mobile solutions.Unique ideas, little or no investment, hours of programming are some of the factors which an app maker requires to create an app. Indian app makers today have realised the need of the hour and hence, developed apps related to the ecommerce players like Flipkart, OLX, Snapdeal, Quikr and so on. In this digital age, a person can read all the national and regional newspaper courtesy, their apps.

Given the market status quo this is an excellent time for entrepreneurs and marketers to capitalize on the fact that more and more people in India are using their mobile phones in their day to day affairs. For example, BookMyShow, a popular and largest ticket booking app, a mobile counterpart to the already popular website, has saved people from waiting in serpentine queues for buying a ticket.

Another important and extremely useful application is the Indian Railways online ticket booking app. The apps which also provide the PNR status of the ticket booker and reveals train info has gained accolades from users at large. Food guide of the city Zomato which searches and recommends restaurants and bars in cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata is another “desi” app which can be handy for the new bees in town.

Besides being popular on all Android devices there are few other Indian apps that are most downloaded and top ranked in the iOS market as well. Magzter, unique global digital mobile magazine store and newsstand launched in June 2011 is one such app. It encompasses of popular Indian magazines like India Today, FilmFare, Femina and so on.

Recently, a 23 year old Indian artist Shilo Shiv Suleman created an app “Khoya”, an interactive book for children enhanced by Augmented Reality. The app was an instant hit on the App Store.

Indian app makers are not only catapulting in terms of app but also in the field of games. ‘Parking Frenzy’, an online game of the gaming company Games2win claimed 2.3mn downloads & 8.5mn plays in mere 10 days of its launch. It was the first game from India which had scaled to No.7 position on Free Games section in Android market.

To sum up, though the Indian app makers are still believed to be in a nascent stage, one can truly perceive that India can be the App superpower of this decade. The developers should focus on design/user interface and developers need to create simple workflows in the apps with deep consumer insights and focus on quality and bugs.