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Building A Case for SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing - What and Why of It
Building A Case for SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing - What and Why of It
By: Bikram K Singh

Long ago, some not-so-savvy marketers killed mass market by nuking each of the recipients with byte-loads of data through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, kiosks, etc. The same set of marketers killed online banner advertising when they started to slowly and systematically attack it by overdoing the tools given in their naïve hands.

Some folks, rather a lot of them, are still searching scrap and dusting off the ashes with a hope to find some living, breathing organism in the dead sea of mass market, and this hope makes them spend crores and crores of rupees on the things that they cannot even measure.

In marketing, as they say, what is not measured is not achieved.

If we see the marketing activities in the light of the accepted axiom, which I reiterated above, marketing has been a sheer waste of time and money so far because the result is not measured, at best an educate guess was applied, perhaps the best of the guesses, but it was guesses, nonetheless.

How email, SEO, and PPC are different

The biggest differentiating factors between the old and dead marketing and SEO, PPC, and email marketing lies in the fact that the later could be measured to the last digit, whereas, former can only be guesstimated, at best.

In SEO, you know which factor is working and which one is not by checking the ranking of your website on a certain keyword as well as the traffic you get from that keyword vis-à-vis the strategy you adopted to achieve the result. You can pinpoint the nonfunctional unit as well as identify the one that bears the most result by doing a simple split test, one variable at a time. This is the cheapest means of getting traffic and customers to your website. Over time, the cost of acquiring customers from SEO goes down to zero.

In PPC, you have a total control on how your ad will appear, how frequently, at what time, and where, provided you have enough budget for that. You can easily see how many people have seen the ads and how many of them clicked on it, and which position or property has worked best for you.

Like the above two online marketing tools, email marketing is also measurable to the last letter. You can measure the open rate, read rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, as well as email delivery rate. Not only that, advance software also let you gauge the level of engagement with a certain message. Through split testing, you can also single out the units that are not functional and replace them with the ones which covert better.

Another benefit of using these tools above the traditional marketing tool is the cost of using them, which is significantly lower than any mass media tool. For example, a price paid for 10 seconds of advertisement spot during the cricket match (or a print ad) can easily pay for your SEO for months, depending on the level of SEO consultant you hire.

Not only that the over reliance of people on the digital technology makes it mandatory for businesses to consider these tools.