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United Vision Marketing Firms proposes to buy Research In Motion
United Vision Marketing Firms proposes to buy Research In Motion
By: iMedia News Bureau

After making management changes and slashing Blackberry prices by 26% in order to boost sales, Research In Motion (RIM) is trying hard to survive in the smartphone war. First, Samsung proposed to buy RIM, and later denied it, and now a digital company United Vision Marketing Firms (UVMF) is making an offer to (RIM), to acquire its Black Berry assets.

The company is approaching RIM with a proposal to buyout the company’s assets which will be achieved by a stock swap deal that will swap for United Vision Marketing Firm’s IPO stock price. 

The decision was made to acquire RIM after a strategy session with UVMF's board members and consultants and the announcement by RIM's new CEO of a possible sell of the company. The reason behind this proposal to acquire RIM by UVMF is to help with the company’s development of an upcoming tablet. The company claims that it is developing a tablet that it expects will generate US$1.6 billion in sales - although their website is seeking donations to fund the development - and has raised a grand total of US$5 so far.         

"United Vision Marketing Firm has the innovative business model to help create real sustainable growth for our clients. Our most valued asset is having the human capital that has the passion to actually go out and develop the markets. We fully understand having that kind of leverage alone is priceless," said Nono C. Pearson, CEO of United Vision Marketing Firm.