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IPL 5 gets its lowest TRPs in 5 years, dips by 19%
IPL 5 gets its lowest TRPs in 5 years, dips by 19%
By: iMedia News Bureau

Despite a grand opening ceremony along with innovating and robust ad campaigns, the fifth innings of Indian Premier League (IPL) is grabbing fewer eyeballs. According to Tam Media Research data, there has been a 19 per cent drop in Television viewership for IPL 5 games compared to the previous season. The television rating points for the first six matches were an average 3.76 at an all-India level.

Even the cumulative reach of the tournament has dropped by 11 per cent from last year's 101 million to 90 million viewers this season. Cumulative reach is the number of individuals who watched a channel/programme for at least one minute. The tournament had managed to increase its audience in each successive season till 2011.

The opening ceremony held in Chennai the day before, the first game drew a rating of just 1.16, despite the presence of a number of Bollywood celebrities along with Pop singer Katy Perry.

According to Set Max, the first two matches this season recorded ratings of 5.5 and 5, almost similar to what was recorded last year.

The official broadcaster is currently commanding ad rates at Rs 5 lakh for a 10-second slot.

Last year, SET Max had raked in revenue in excess of Rs 1,000 crore, thanks to almost 70 advertisers it had on-air. This year, revenue could be much less. A slump in cricket-related advertising had set in last year, after an overdose of the sport, with the World Cup and IPL in quick succession, and India’s poor performance.