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Incredible India campaign all set to have a Facebook page
Incredible India campaign all set to have a Facebook page
By: iMedia News Bureau

Taking into consideration the popularity and repercussions of the social media, the Ministry of Tourism has decided to open an Incredible India page on the Facebook as part of an aggressive campaign showcasing Indian destinations. 

The campaign will be taking an aggressive approach towards showcasing India’s diversity and rich cultural heritage including all the special travel destinations on the popular social network. The huge global user base of Facebook will make it possible for the Tourism Ministry to take the campaign global in a big way.

Currently India attracts about 5.6 million foreigners in a year and has tourism offices at 14 countries including US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Britain, South Africa and Dubai.

The move also aims to attract more foreign tourists and boost the domestic tourism.  In order to add more tourist attractions, the Tourism Ministry has decided to create 35 new tourists destinations. Besides developing infrastructure at the existing tourist destinations, 35 new tourist circuits will also be developed

"Our aim is to have more than 11 million foreign tourists in the next five years and for this we are finalising plan to launch an aggressive campaign abroad. We will be opening representative offices in about 12 countries soon," said Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahai.

The Tourism Ministry has two interesting websites titled Atithidevo Bhava and Clean India Campaign.

These two websites are now linked with Facebook, and the work of opening an Incredible India page on the social networking site is under process.

The Tourism Ministry has sought Rs 23,000 crore in allocation, four times more than the 11th Five-Year Plan, from the Planning Commission in the 12th Five-Year Plan.

“We have undertaken steps to connect with masses through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and You tube. Work is going on to open an Incredible India page on the social networking site”, said a Senior Official from the Tourism Ministry.

The Tourism Ministry’s move to start a Facebook page follows the recent Google Art Project which takes art, museums and ancient history online.