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India & China to become World's Two Largest Mobile Broadband Markets by 2016. What It Means for You?
India & China to become World's Two Largest Mobile Broadband Markets by 2016. What It Means for You?
By: Bikram K Singh

The believers in the idea that 21st century will be a century of brown and yellow men have been shouting it out for many years now, and as 21st century is rolling out, their believe seems not to be wrong founded. The new century is indeed turning out to be a century of brown and yellow men.

The growth story of these two nations has been talking point in almost all the industries, and the latest to join is the mobile broadband segment. As per the GSMA, by 2016, India will be the second largest broadband market with a 367 million mobile broadband connections, which will be 30 million more than the total connection in the United States in the said period, which by then will have 337 million broadband connections. And leading the category will be China with 639 million mobile broadband connections.

What does it mean for your business

The issuance of 3G licenses in September 2010 has brought 10 million HSPA customers into the interconnected mainline, which is set to grow by a whooping 900 percent to reach 100 million connections by 2014.

These numbers are indicators; rather, they throw light to make the writing on the wallvisible to all in terms of where businesses should look. We have been hearing about the folktale of mobile marketing and mobile commerce, but the tales were in the realm of fairy stories only because the penetration of cell phones and the mobile Internet has been very surficial, and even the speed was not that great.

With the new technology and boost in speed, it is but obvious to expect a sudden demand in the content on the mobile platform. And a business which will be ready with their offering at the time will be on the winning side of the line.

The growing acceptance and falling price of 2G data connections have brought more people on the Internet in last couple of years than the net connections and computers have brought in a decade.

How to capitalize on the opportunity

Having a mobile-friendly website is going to be a minimum requirement, but what you need to think of is the language in which you will get your website or mobile apps created.

So far, the language of the web is a major deterrent for a large number of people in India. Their unfamiliarity with English makes them to keep web at a distance. You need to think where you customers is and then plan out the content delivery and website/app design matching their taste. For example, you may want to have website in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and other major languages if you want to cater to people across India, or you can choose the language of the region where you customers are. This will broaden your net.

The growth of mobile broadband will take the Internet to the heart of India, provided the connectivity is good and price is kept low.If its done in the right way, the village folks will be able to get the same level of connectivity which their city counterparts have been used to for years now. This will change the way they interact with society and bring them in to the mainline. And you know the positive effects of that change.