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Social media app 'Tripalong' launched by MakeMyTrip
Social media app 'Tripalong' launched by MakeMyTrip
By: iMedia News Bureau

Online travel firm MakeMyTrip has launched a social application called Tripalong which will help consumers to connect with friends while travelling. Tripalong integrates the users’ social networks and maps their travel itinerary to help connect with friends while travelling.

Once a user enters the flight details, it notifies them about friends and acquaintance at the same airport or in the same flight and gives them a last minute opportunity to meet them. The app enables a person to share his travel details on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The app is a boon for single and frequent travellers as it helps connect with new and old friends around flights and airports, where travelling can become boring and lonesome. For starters Tripalong is applicable only to domestic flights and a user can sync his MakeMyTrip account so that flights booked through the site are automatically added.

Talking about the app, MakeMyTrip Co-Founder and COO Keyur Joshi, said, "We will look out for good teams across segments within travel and related technology areas. This is a social application that will enhance the fun quotient of travellers.

The new service, which has been developed in partnership with Bangalore-based TenTenTen Digital Products Pvt Ltd, will be used to understand consumer behaviour. 

Ramesh Srivats, MD and CEO, TenTenTen Digital Products, added, "Social networks are more than just new "media". They have changed the very way in which people interact with each other. So there's no point in using them as yet another channel to pump brand messages. In fact, in this world, brands are built by actions, not words. Tripalong helps MakeMyTrip do just this. It's useful and cool and also leverages the customer's own networks to make his or her travel a lot more fun. And the fun has just started. We have lots of features that will be added to Tripalong as we go along, to make it even more powerful and even more useful."

MakeMyTrip did sales of Rs 3,500 crore in the financial year ended March 2011.