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Five Mobile Advertising Tips You Can't Live Without
Five Mobile Advertising Tips You Can't Live Without
By: Zephrin Lasker

Now that Sachin Tendulkar has completed his 100th international century, it’s time to move on to a new milestone. And being one of the most mobile-savvy countries in the world, India is close to accomplishing another. Recent data from Vodafone India reports that the total number of mobile users in India is about 100 million people (give or take a few). If you extrapolate on this data, you can deduce that the number of smartphone users will surpass desktop users soon.

Believe me you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on the advertising opportunities that mobile brings. Now more than ever, mobile has the potential to help you grow your business—no matter how big or small it is. Whether you’re a brand manager at MTV or the neighborhood pharmacist, you should be flocking to mobile advertising faster than you would the next IPL match.

But there’s one crucial problem in the mobile ad industry—so many vendors have already gotten in the game quickly. I’m sure just one glance at the chart below may send you running for the hills (proverbially speaking).

That said, with so many things happening in mobile advertising, it’s hard to tell where you should turn first.  Fear not, below are five mobile advertising tips that can help you.   

Just do it

No matter what, you shouldn’t miss out on the mobile opportunity.  I realize there are some deterrents for jumping on the bandwagon. For starters, the landscape is already difficult to navigate. Pricing may also be a deterrent (isn’t iAds still requiring a six-figure minimum?), not to mention, the extra costs people may accrue due to data caps.

While all the above challenge marketers to make mobile ads work for them, they shouldn’t stop you. Rest assured there are mobile solutions out there that are cost effective that actually work no matter what size your business is. For example, is using AdWords, while OfferMobi is using AdLeads. So when it comes to mobile, you should take a page from Nike — just do it. Go mobile.

DIY…without the clicks

A few self-serve tools have recently come to market that I’d liken to Google AdWords. Google launched AdWords to solve a problem for businesses of all sizes across all industries. Simply put: they could end up blowing through their entire budget and not get many new customers. With AdWords, businesses can pay only for clicks and also create, manage and optimize campaigns themselves.

There’s no reason the mobile ad industry can’t have its own AdWords. But a recent Harris Interactive survey also revealed that nearly half of mobile users clicked on a mobile ad by mistake. The implications of these results are immense—nearly half of mobile advertising dollars are wasted due to people accidentally clicking within mobile apps. This poses a problem for marketers.

The good news is that are vendors that think beyond the click. Admob has put measures in place to help advertisers solve the problem of accidental clicks in mobile advertising, while AdLeads offers the sign up information from people that have signed up to hear from you.

Get new customers via mobile ads

Mobile advertising isn’t just about spending big ad dollars on branding. You’ll be happy to know you can also get new customers via mobile advertising, which can help you grow your business. Be sure to try a performance-branding approach with mobile ads that engage people with deals and coupons, while helping you drive sales.

Remember to include a strong call to action in your ads – such as a free trial or a strong discount. In addition, be sure to stress exclusivity – i.e. this is a deal or offer that people can redeem only here and not anywhere else.

Don’t worry, get appy!

As Chris Anderson noted in Wired, “One of the most important shifts in the digital world has been the move from the wide-open Web to semi-closed platforms (apps) that use the Internet for transport but not the browser for display.” I couldn’t agree more, especially considering the fact that people spend more time on mobile apps than they do on the mobile web. For this reason (among many others), mobile apps can offer you a great platform for targeted advertising. So don’t miss in-app mobile ads when you go mobile.

Integrate with online and social

People do many things on mobile devices: play with apps, read their emails and interact with social media. There’s no reason you can’t integrate with other platforms via mobile. For example, in-app ads may reach people while they’re interacting with games. What’s more, you can engage people with follow-up activities such as email marketing (they’re most likely reading it on mobile), which can help you drive in-store purchases, promote online sales and grow your social community. 

I hope you find the above tips helpful. If you take each one and adapt them for your business, you’re sure to make the most of the mobile advertising opportunity. Plus, you can grow your business and achieve a new milestone of your very own. 

Zephrin Lasker is the CEO and Co-founder of Pontiflex.